Accident Picture of Mc Loph

The rapper Mc Loph who had a mega hit with a remix of Highlife Maestros’s Osita Osadebe’s Osondi Owendi was reportedly killed in an auto accident on the Ore-Benin road. The photograph below was obtained from and Rockshock

75 thoughts on “Accident Picture of Mc Loph

  1. Please can anyone just tell me wat government(politicians) are doing about d reconstruction of this benin-ore road?!..its really a painful thing that this road is not taking d lives of sons and daughters of politicians(ministers,senators,governors and presidents).becos if it were,these godforsaken politicians would have find some lasting solution to d accidents on our roads.

  2. is dis d meaning of life? The good die and d evil stay. His talents wisdom, dreams gone in a seconds.
    Dis is satanic manipulations. dis reminds me life on Earth is nothing except for christ, may his soul rest in peace amen. You are in a better place better than Earth. Were there is no more death, no jealousy, no kidnapping, no Bokoharam, no killing.
    Bye forever till we meet in paradise

  3. Mc Loph is a pity dat u jst gone like dis,even if a prophet told u dat u would die 2011,u would lock d prophet 4 his/her fake prophecy.but i’m stil doubting ur death.if it is somebody’s hand,b4 dat october 2012,(ur 1 yr remembrance)d person must join u,4 closing ur family jst like dat.he must nt go unpunish

  4. i was really shocked when i hear the song MC loph is dead. may his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Amen I really missed the guy rapping

  5. the most painful of it all is the two are the only surviving children of his mum and they are gone…..devil is too wicked!

  6. It’s painful. He’s gone 4eva & can’t be back again. Mum, relations, cousin uncle’s and aunt’s of Loph and other victims plz do accept our condolence. Take heart


  8. It’s a sad story,now i c it a true story dat my guy mc loph is nö more. Bt al i got 2 say is RIP (MC LOPH)

  9. Bt y na… Dem no even leave am enjoy him suffer… If to say na person get hand 4 ur die, dat person wil surely face d routh of God n wil die a slow n painful death… All d same i wil miss ur cool rap in IGBO… RIP u were truly gr8

  10. Gush cnt jst blv my earz, dj loph gone! Anyway is 1 of those tinz jst pray u rest in d bossom of d lord..all dj’z we really miss u u u.. Adiue broda we love ya..cryin?

  11. Oh! I,regret over d tragedy incidence i hrd 2 days ago. Pls,my fellow Nigerians tak hrt,4 a death is an innevitable activity all human’s must undergo, while on earth. But h’ver, may his gentle soul rest in pertect pesce (AMEN).

  12. Life is shoter dan u think,death u hv just taken another talented musician from us,m.c loph we will miss u.may your gentle soul rest in peace till we meet n shall part no more brother

  13. Is this how all Naija musician go dey die one by one. I fear is these guy no dey do somethings weh don over them power. Take for instance Da-Grin. Now Again McLoph Men I love this guy music. It is a pity we keep losing naiga local Gbedu Bangers, I will miss you Bro and we shall meet again. Safe all Nigerians

  14. RIP Mc Loph,we will miss u so much.frnds prepare ur way n b ready 4 rapture,Mc loph christ has come he knw wia he is goin nw we dnt knw.we dnt plan 4 death it cums anytym.b ready 4 ur own rapture.RIP man

  15. in deed we’ve lost a great hero in d musical industrial our great man brother that has just be called by God d father we pray that may his soul rest in peace from a loven friend to ms loph

  16. God!!! Is hard 2 beleve dat Mc Loph is gone, i wish i hv d power 2 give u breath, but in all the same GOD knw d best, REST IN PEACE MY BROTHER!!!

  17. He’s dead nd I kwn he’s already resting wit de Lord if he is at peace wit him. Is nw left for us, to dust ourselves nd return bck to de master so when ver it may be, we all will be in his presence.

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