…and some pomo, edo, shaki, pokoto

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 Mobile artisan…..

Did I tell you all about the lady that came to plat Toyin’s hair last week? Toyin is a dear friend who came visiting Nigeria after almost 19 years. You have to look out for an exclusive report on Toyin’s observations in next week’s special report.

Okay, let me tell you all about it. As it were with ladies, wifey and Toyin had gone round all day doing last minute shopping and what have you.  It was night time, after dinner; wifey was still making frantic phone calls to our neighbour who was the contact for the mobile hair dresser.

 She was running late. I reckoned. Past 8pm. Anyway, we continued chatting after dinner. Yet another phone call, and this time it was almost 10pm.

I was almost certain that the lady was no longer going to turn up. It was minutes to 11pm and guess what? Oh yes, an announcement came through from Mercy that a lady was asking after wifey. Wifey guessed right, it was the hair dresser. At almost 11pm?

She strolled in majestically, as if, the time for her arrival was pre-arranged for this late. Well, she was not alone. Oh yes! She wasn’t! She came, believe it or not, with her 3 year old son, who held tightly to her mother’s palm.

I could just not believe what my eyes were beaming to me. What on earth is happening here? I asked myself? The lady extended pleasantries to all concerned and immediately asked for directions to the ladies. Yes, she needed to get ready for the short night ahead, and the best place to flex her hands was the toilet – I guess. And off she went, with her son tagged onto dear life. Both would spend a reasonable time in there.

By then, I got up, to excuse the party. I looked on and wished Toyin all the luck in the world, informing her that the driver who was to pick her up by 5am in the morning for her airport trip would probably meet her still up.

While  I was upstairs, I was trying to make sense of what was going on downstairs. The ladies perfectly knew what was to take place, but in my naivety, I was of the opinion that the hair dresser would finish up and depart for the night.

That was not quite what happened! When my mobile phone correctly pointed out that it was 1am, then 2am, then 2.30am, I knew that this lady with her son were on a mission, and would accomplish this mission wherever and whatever hour it takes.

Of course, I could not sleep. I was on the chair, glued to the T.V, getting acquainted with programmes that I would never had believed existed. How can I sleep knowing that there is a stranger in my house. More so, I had to stay up, because our guest was up. Simple courtesy.

I was tired. Wifey announced that she had arranged for the lady and her son to sleep in the guest room down stairs. For the night, she will be in the same room with Mercy.

By the way, what is it with maids sleeping on the floor, eh? Mercy, with all her fashion included. Her excuse to wifey was, “mum, it is cooler on the floor”. At least, she was forthright. And we believed her. I must confess it was beginning to bother me.

By now it was past 3am and Toyin was to be out of the house by 5am. Which also means wifey and I would have to be awake by 5am. Wifey hardly had a wink and was up before 5am. That is how she is wired. I am not. I can sleep for 5 minutes and that will do me.

Toyin’s arranged driver was out waiting and incredibly the hairdresser had been awake. She had already given her son a wash and was ready to get a lift to Ikeja (the other end of Lagos) for her next job. “Her next job?” Yes, her next job.

Her fee for the night was N3, 500. Well the hotel accommodation was free. But seriously, what Nigerians would do to earn a living!

Assorted meat ….

Nigerians love to eat. Well, I better talk for myself. I like my food if I may say. However, I am weary of the assorted meat and meat delicacies that fill up party plates. I am particularly careful of pepper soup of any make or flavour. A bus driver or conductor have been noted to eat many rations of eba (made out of processed cassava) as early as 4am to carry them through the day. 4am? Eba?

When you really think about it, the other option is not to eat meat at all or restrict yourself to fish, which is a healthier option.

Honestly, I cannot imagine a bus driver feeding on salad at 4am in the morning.

I was asking wifey about some so called meat delicacies and what part of the goat it represented. For instance;

  • pokoto! What in heaven is this? I know I kind of like it as I suck a slimy juice out of a bone (I am salivating just writing about it).
  • Pomo! Isn’t this leather
  • Shaki! This is something in the inside of the goat or cow stomach I suppose.
  • Edo! Liver of the goat.
  • Then you have isi-ewu! Isn’t that goat head?

Nigerians also eat fish eat, nourishing and good for the brain, I have been brainwashed to believe! There is also cow leg, goat leg and what have you?

Can anyone tell me if these delicacies have any nutritional benefit? I am waiting!



It started yesterday.

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Remember, “Do not wait for the future to come to you, face the future

Remember, “Do not wait for the future to come to you, face the future

16 Comments Add yours

  1. Zaine says:

    Ha!!! the sleep-over hairdresser. . . i’ve had my fair share of that. . .met a lady that didn’t sleep for 2days straight cuz she had customers. . .now that’s something. . .as for d “orishirishi”, used 2 b all picky too bt then i realized they aren’t bad at all. . .


    1. babajidesalu says:


      How are you doing? I was shocked to hear that it was no big deal for the hairdresser to sleep over. No big deal. We also had a carpenter that slept over. You know what, when I could bare it no more, I told him to go to the visitors room and locked the door behind him. I just did not know who he was and it was just too late to send him packing. That is Nigeria for you.

      Thanks for stopping by and appreciate your time.
      taKia and God bless


  2. LG says:

    lolll@.. best place to flex her hands was the toilet ‘ d hairdresser is wat we call a HUSTLERZ🙂

    happy w’end


    1. babajidesalu says:

      LG, yes o.
      As an update on the hairdresser, we were reliably informed that she lost her husband a few months ago, hence the need to work odd hours to fend for her family.
      Thanks for your comments LG.


  3. Peter says:

    Jide, Very funny keep them coming, all I can think about is the food. I will have to stave myself this lunch time now, as I just cannot do the sandwich today will be of to mama calabar later tonight. You bring back the memories of Great Ife………hmm


  4. bumight says:

    um…note to self: u might not want to stay up for anymore braiding parties in the future. when i have to get my hair braided at home, my hairdresser has stayed the night a couple of times – but i guess that’s different, cos she’s also like a family friend.

    as for the meat, even IF they dont have any of the basic nutritional values, we can classify them as fiber abi?


  5. RocNaija says:

    Damn that brought back some memories..
    Of white house and Ojuelegba.. “E fun mi ni orisirisi”
    Asking for assorted used to cover all bases!!

    Nice blog..

    lol @ Afrobabe… “eat all you want and stay slim..” na so you go dey give your mouth exercise ni..?


  6. Joicee says:

    The hairdresser is sure one hardworking woman…Kudos to her
    lol@ ur live- in-maids loving to sleep on the floor ..we had one like that as well…


  7. Gerard says:

    JideSalu you should try Nkwobi ( its a mixture of special spices made with cowfoot or similar ). Its very bizarre at times to think that when I was in Nigeria I only tried a select few of these things. My dad was slightly OTT over what his kids ate..lol

    Personally I can eat eba,amala or starch with any soup at 4am, 9am whenever. Still never got used to this sandwich mentality.

    The hairdresser is amazing. That is what I miss about Nigeria,so many things to make you angry but equally balanced with so many things that make you just laugh that in the end you wonder what all your fuss was about.

    P.S. JideSalu I hope your megard is now back to 100% good health and liasing with the generator at the approapriate times..lol

    Nice pictures keep them coming. Have a nice day.


  8. Afrobabe says:

    nd as per ur comment on my page…

    YES, Afrobabe is one innocent lady….You need to see me in my corporate atire….being all risk analysty…lol…


  9. Afrobabe says:

    Shaki is actually tribe abi na tripe…dont know but they had a documentary about it here on bbc1, talking about how it is a delicacy and stuff and all I kept thinking was….darn they are going to make shaki expensive oh…

    The great thing with those parts of meat is that they have no nutitional value so you can eat all you want and stay slim…

    Hair do…I have made my hair in naija till I cried…it us would’t finish…


  10. Simbo says:

    Bravo!!! I think u r d most incredible Bloggist i’ve had d fortune and pleasure of reading. It’s a must read 4 me. Thumbs up!


  11. Doja says:

    I love reading your blog. Reminds me of home, though I can’t see myself living there anymore. Well done and keep it coming. You make it real!


  12. Bayo Dossy says:

    Hey Englishman!!!……it is not Pokoto…..its Bokoto A.K.A Cowleg A.K.A Ese babankabo….no nutritional value just like Panla (Stockfish) though but our ppl love 2chop Eba, Amala, Semo & Fufu wt a lot of dis Orisirisi in dia plates. U 4got Kidney, Intestine & Abodi wt gbegiri soup…..Chei!!!…..nt2 worry, we will visit ‘Whitehouse’ in Yaba whn nxt ucom 2d mainland…..for my ppl in Diaspora….ill say keep salivating….Ciao


  13. Baba says:

    I was dying of laughter while reading your entry for today. By far your funniest entry to date.

    Looking forward to the special reports.

    God’s blessings! (no pun intended!)


  14. Nice blog man.. keep repping Nigeria.. LOL @ shaki/pomo/edo.. Grown men have been known to fight over those delicacies o!


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