PHOTO: Meet Brilliant Ify Egesi, the Olympic Torch Bearer …

  • After 7 years of preparation.
  • 64 years of waiting (last held in London in 1948)
  • £10 billion of public money invested.
  • 4 billion expected TV audience.
  • 8000 miles of Olympic torch journey.
  • 300 torch bearers
  • 3 known Nigerian torch bearers (it could be more)

The London 2012 Olympics is due to key off today at 9pm GMT. The arrangement is mind bugling. It makes me weep and pray for the ‘GIANT’ of AFRICA.

The rehearsals, the attention to detail. The press coverage, both good and ugly is phenomenon. Read below for the facts of this year’s Olympics. 12 year old Ify Egesi was given the honour to be one of the 300 hundred torch bearers for her academic brilliance. She carried the torch into the yard of the legendary Shakespeare’s Globe.

Olympic Stadium

  • The Olympic Stadium will have a capacity of 80,000 during the Games
  • It is the lightest Olympic stadium ever built
  • The fourteen lighting towers are needed because this the first Olympic Games with HD TV freeze-frame coverage that will be essential to capture the action
  • Part of the supporting structure of the roof is formed from 2,500 tonnes of steel tubing that was actually recycled from old gas pipelines
Ade Adepitan passes the flame to 12-year-old Camberwell schoolgirl Ify Egesi

Aquatics Centre

  • The steel used to build the Aquatics centre comes from Newport in Wales
  • The wave shaped roof on the Aquatics Centre measures 12,000 square metres which is one and a half times bigger than Wembley football pitch
  • The amount of material that had to be excavated to build the Aquatics centre was the equivalent of 160,000 tonnes of soil
Paralympic athlete Ade Adepitan


  • The Velodrome is one of the most sustainable venues in the Olympic Park. The lightweight roof weighs roughly half that of any other covered Velodrome, helping create a highly-efficient building
  • The Velodrome ‘Cable – net’ roof is made from 17 km of steel cables. That’s over 10 miles of steel cable, twice the height of Mount Everest
  • The designers and builders of the London 2012 Velodrome are aiming for it to be the fastest indoor cycling track in the world

International Broadcast Centre/Main Press Centre

  • The International Broadcast Centre will be a 24 hour media hub for around 20,000 broadcasters, photographers and journalists who will bring the Games to an estimated four billion people worldwide
  • It is the size of six full size football pitches
  • The biggest fork lift truck in the country was used during the erection of the steel frame.

The London Olympics will generate £10bn in revenue for the British economy as a whole. (Lloyds TSB) 

Revenue from tourists attracted by the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games are forecast to add up to an additional £2.1bn. (London Councils 2012 Team) 

Costs for the 80,000-seat Olympic stadium was revised from £280m to £496 because of inflation and VAT. (Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA)

12 year old Ify Egesi was awarded for her academic brilliance
Ify Egesi carries the torch into the yard of Shakespeare’s Globe (Photo: LOCOG)

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